Sunday, December 20, 2009

The January Craft is Here


Instructor: Trish & Taylor
Date: Jan 21, 2010
Price: $16
(includes cube, vinyl, and paint-you can choose either black or brown paint)
Due Date: Jan 1

Everyone will need to bring 5 sheets of paper can be either 8 1/2 x 11 or 12x12 (they will be cut to 6 1/2 square) cubes are 7x7

Can add any embellishments you want

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hellooo Again!

I finally have an update for all of ya!! I have GOOD news and BAD news.....hmmmmm....which should I tell you FIRST?? OK - the good news is that we have a date SET and we are FOR SURE doing it!! The bad news?? I can't get them to reduce the price AND they have to add tax onto the price as well!

Seriously, I tried to "work" my mo-jo...and it just wasn't happening! Here are some quotes from the email Poppyseed's Rep sent me:

*Tax: We have to charge tax because we are selling a product.

*Instead of you getting the free picture and discounting everyone’s pictures: We are unable to do this because of the accounting and tax issues it creates.

I know, I know! I am SO sorry! I even talked to her on the phone to try to get her to SEE our way of thinking....her boss just wasn't willing to budge. If you aren’t able to do it at this price, I totally understand! If you are STIIIILLLLL in….

Here are the DeTaIlS:

Date: Wednesday, December 30th
Place: Primary Room @ Church
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Price: $48.92 ($46 + tax)
Due Date to Pay: December 12th

Please shoot me an email letting me know you are IN (AND which temple you want out of Salt Lake Temple, Bountiful, Timpanogas, Logan, Idaho Falls, St. George, & Manti) and I will email you back my address! Please mail your checks ASAP!! I have to HAVE all the checks by December 12th because SHE (Poppyseed’s Rep) needs the money by the 16th! Also – if you have never been to “our” church…I can email you directions as well.

After I complained to her about the price….AGAIN….she brought up a good point. If I were to purchase this at Deseret Book, etc….then I would be paying around $100 or more! Plus, how fun it will be to get together with girlfriends to make such a beautiful craft!

OH – and I REALLY liked this gal! We chatted over the phone and I am SURE she would be BFF’s with all of us! :) Tee, hee….

Click HERE to get to the last post about this craft. It states the dimensions and how long it will take, etc.

OK – questions that you girlies wanted me to ask her:

Q: Can they put a “saying” on the picture for you?
A: They are not able to do it at this time, but they may make this available in the near future. HINT: If you really want a “saying” – you could use vinyl!

Q: Can I paint the frame another color?
A: Of course! They will only provide black paint, so if you want your frame another color – you will need to bring the paint.

Q: Can we order the temple picture in a “landscape” format? (Ya know, how in Microsoft Word…you can print your document either Portrait or Landscape?!?)
A: The pictures they have on their site are the ones they have available through the photographer. You can order a different picture or angle directly through the photographer, but it is an additional $32 for the print.

Q: The frame looks like it has been sanded and stained – are we going to do that to ours?
A: Not during the class, but you can do it afterwards. They have found that the paint needs MORE time to dry before sanding and staining – otherwise the paint pulls off in strips. Once it has completely dried, you can stain, glaze, or lacker your frame BUT – you should completely cover the picture so it doesn’t get damaged.

K – I think that is everything! I am SUPER excited to do this! Becky (the Poppyseed Rep) got me SO freakin’ excited!! She LOVES hers….and I can’t wait to get one in MY home! I am excited to see everyone, too!! SO – email me ASAP….and don’t forget to tell me which temple you want!!