Saturday, March 21, 2009

Supplies for the March Craft...

We will be meeting at the church next Thursday, March 26th at 7:00PM and I am sure we will be able to finish up by 9:00PM.

Beth - Treats
Jody & Allison - Set Up
Cassi & Natalie - Clean Up

Jody & Allison...I would love it if you can be there at 6:30 to help me set everything up. A HUGE thanks to the girls who helped set up and clean up last week....who weren't even signed up to do it! You ROCK!!

- Sandpaper
- Paint brushes (the cheap-o "sponge" ones work great)
- Plastic lid or paper plate to put your paint on
-Electric Sander
- Scrapbooking Cutting Board
-Scissors (sharp ones that can cut ribbon)
-Scrapbooking Adhesive
-Stain & a rag to wipe it off
-Wet wipes - optional (I think wipes are GREAT when wiping off the sawdust after you use your electric sander.)
-The picture you want to display - optional

Reminders/More Info:
#1) If you are not coming on a night you signed up to help's up to you to find a replacement & then email the instructor to let them know who will be taking your place. I know we don't always know our schedule ahead of time which is why some of us might be signed up on a night that we either can't come OR didn't want/need to do the craft, etc. The instructors are SO busy getting everything prepared...that it really helps them out when you can make sure those assignments are taken care of. Thank you for being so responsible and making sure your assignments are covered!

#2) I will be bringing the NEW schedule for the 2009-2010 year to our April ready to sign up to TEACH as well as help out in the other areas!! :) We will be having a different instructor every month next be thinking of what you would like to teach the rest of us. If you don't have any ideas...I can certainly help you out in that area as well as give you tips on where to get things. If you aren't comfortable being in charge of a craft all by yourself, then feel free to "team up" with another gal. I will do one of the we will need 11 other girlies willing to take a month. thinking of the MONTH that you would like to do it as well as what craft you will be doing.

#3) I have only bought enough paint for the gals who paid for Option #1 & #3. If you told me you were bringing your own paint, pretty please do not use the paint that I bring...or we will not have enough for the gals who actually paid for it. Thanks a bunch!

OK.....see ya all NEXT Thursday!

Heads-Up: Wood Connection is super behind in their orders...which means I MIGHT not have the craft for April on display....cross your fingers that they can get it cut out for me in ya'll can see it in person!! :)

MORE "Luck" Blocks...

Some of the girlies in our group decided to put a little "spin" on last month's craft. They emailed me the final results...which I thought I should showcase here! Don't we have creative friends!
Myrleen's Blocks

Kajsa's Blocks

Brandee's Blocks

Cute, huh! I can't wait to take pictures and post all of the "spins" you gals do next week with the Scrapbooked Picture Frame!