Tuesday, January 26, 2010

February Craft

Craft Date : Thurs Feb 25th
Time: 6:30
Money is due to Natalie by Feb 10th
(see below for cost)

Hey ladies, this craft will require you to bring a lot of your own stuff, but hopefully that will make it personal, and it will fit well in YOUR home, and not just in MY home!!!

There are a few options for the size of Magnet Board you would like, so think about the space you'll be putting it in and order accordingly. This one is 18" x 18". Here are the options and the cost for each one:

The measurements are the INSIDE dimensions of the frame.

12" x 12" - $14.00

12" x 12 " carved - $15.00 - the carved frame is like the frame we did with Tara for the 'scrapbook picture frame'.

18" x 18" - $23.50

16" x 24" - $27.00

You will need to bring your own material, as well as creating all of your own magnets. Here are some ideas:

These are a bunch of antique buttons glued to magnets. I went to my grandmas and dug through her old button box and I love how they turned out!!! You could stop by an antique shop if you like the look of these, but I saw some photos online of some created with just some cute decent sized normal buttons, and they were super-cute too.

If you would like magnets like these 2, I can pick them up at the same time I pick up the wood. They are just carved metal, and are really cute, and pretty big-at least 2" across each.

They also have some seasonal ones - snowman, a snowflake, 3 leaf clover, some kissy lips -

Each of these magnets are $1.90, and that includes the magnet on the back.

One more idea for magnets is to get some clear stones, and mod podge cute paper to the back of them and then attach your magnet, like these:

I will also pick up any number of magnets you want.
1/2" magnets are $.25 each
1/4" magnets are $.20 each

I'm just going to hang mine like it is, but some other ideas for hanging are to drill a few holes and hang it with a long silk ribbon, or to hang it with a metal handle like this:

This is also how the 12" by 12" CARVED frame looks.

7" Handle - $3.50
9" Handle - $4.50
7" C Curve Handle - $6.50

Materials you need to bring:
Your own material, large enough to cover your board, plus a few inches on each side.
Paint that matches your material!!
Embellishments - Ribbon, a vinyl saying, paper cutouts etc. . .ANYTHING!!!
2 paintbrushes
paper plate, or something to put your paint on
Cloth to wipe stain
Hot Glue Gun if you've got it
E6000 glue if you've got it - I'll bring mine and am willing to share!!

P.S. - if anyone LOVES the look of this board and wants theirs to be exactly the same, I've got enough left-over paint and material and I'll even throw in the same brown ribbon!!! Call me and I'll let you give me a few bucks, and then you won't have to do your own shopping!!!