Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Options for Our December Craft....

Ok - so I know the "Moneybags" calendar was a lot of money! As I said in my email to all of you - we now have two MORE affordable options!!! One is to make the Darling Christmas Frame Art...showcased above...that Natalie so GENEROUSLY volunteered to head up! {{Thanks, Nattie-girl!!}}

THEN - a few of the girls approached me afterwards with a great idea. (Karen McBride actually mentioned this idea earlier in the week...but I wasn't sure if it would work if you girlies wanted to use this as a Christmas present.) They were wondering if we could do it in two sessions. I don't mind because it would be less work for Lisa & I right now! Keep reading to see how this could be a more affordable option that wouldn't force you to sell all of your belongings... (By the way - those of you who wanted to do the full calendar - we could still get all the materials for you - no worries.)

I broke down each month - and the average price for a page layout is about $3.00. Some of the layouts are more and a few are less. The calendar itself that you put the layouts in is about $12.00. THEN - you add tax on top of that. (Are ya seeing how this all starts to add up??)

With this NEW option, you could get the calendar and the "January" THRU "May" pages right now for $28.36. How does that sound?? THEN - the last seven months would be $26.04. We would probably do that one in March....I will just bump the craft we originally had planned on back!

SOOOOO - I was supposed to order the calendars on Friday so they would be here in time for our "Get-Together." The wonderful lady over at Heartland Paper is giving me a "grace period" until Monday to get back to her. I REALLY need to know ASAP which craft...if any...that you are doing. I am pretty sure Natalie will be able to keep the Christmas Frame under $15...and maybe even under $10 depending on how cheap she can get the frame!! Please email me ASAP...which means right now....tee,hee...and let me know. If you are planning on doing a calendar - I will need you to drop off your money BEFORE Sunday night ends - November 23rd. (Just put it in the top of our Winder Farm cooler...and then email me to let me know it's there.) I will need to deposit those in my Craft account Monday morning because I have to prepay for the calendars.
Hopefully this helps out with the good 'ole Christmas budget!!


Yeah!!! We officially have a NEW name. You gals decided on "Gettin'Her Craft On" for our Craft Club name! {{Were you influenced by the title of this blog??? :) }} I liked most of the names that were submitted...OK....I did have my top three that I was rooting for....but I wanted to make sure you gals all liked our name as well!!

Tonight was a SUCCESS! A HUGE thanks to Melissa & Trish for putting in so much time & effort! I hope you all thanked them....they spent a LONG time figuring out how to put everything together & their hubbies were even recruited to cut the wood. My dream for this club...(just putting it out there) that NEXT year...we will have a DIFFERENT instructor EvErY month!! It's so much work to prepare everything and that way no one would get burnt out!! (I am always here to provide ideas & tips.....)

Just an idea I thought I would throw out there! As far as tonight went...we did have a few problems with the cleaning up....I will SOON be posting on check back!

Monday, November 17, 2008

SnEaK PeEk at the "Moneybags Calendar"

My photoshop is down at the moment...thus the crooked pics.
(Plus I had a puppy playing tug-of-war with the camera strap!!)
They look even cuter in person...
The layout for JUNE...

April's layout.... (above)

Hmmmm...maybe February??

The month of INDEPENDENCE!! did that get in there?? Tee, hee...
(Our puppy was getting jealous and wanted his pic taken!!)

So there you have it...your little "sneak peek!" If you are interested in this calendar, you will need to bring the "greens" on Thursday...or a check will do... AND the Ziplock baggies...see the previous post. (I will have the final amount posted AND a sample out for display.)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our FIRST Post...AND the November Craft!

Here it is ladies...the blog you will want to read to stay up to date on what the Craft Club will be offering for the next craft, what the prices will be, and when the "greens" need to be turned in!

For November our instructors will be Melissa & Trish who have put together a DARLING Christmas Ladder. We will be meeting on November 20th at the church at 7:00. Please try to be on time because we will be CHOOSING a final name for our club! If you have deleted(accidentally, right??) Melissa's email on what to will need the following items: hammer, wood glue, scissors, pencil, foam brushes (there are 2 colors), something to put your paint on (cool whip lid, etc..), and sandpaper. You will be sanding the ladder to remove the rough edges so if you have an electric sander - bring it. Melissa bought one at Home Depot for $20 and she says it works great.

ALSO - Lisa & I are teaching December's craft...we are offering a Scrapbooked Calendar that will be on display. We are still trying to figure out the final price...but it will be between **EDITED TO SAY: $50-$55**. I am trying really hard to keep costs down...but I have already had to go to THREE different scrapbooking stores to find cute paper as well as trying to hit the sales! (The good news is that its DAH-LING!!)

IMPORTANT: If you think you will be interested in this craft, you will need to bring 12 gallon sized Zip-lock bags AND 12 sandwich-sized ziplocked bags. Please label all of them with your name AND the names of the 12 months. Example: One of the gallon-sized bags would say, "December - Tara"..and inside that would be a sandwich-sized bag that would also say, "December-Tara." Does that make sense? Email me if you are confused...that's just the easiest way I could figure out to keep everyone's little pieces for each month organized.

OK - I am excited to see all of you on the 20th! Happy craftin'!!