Tuesday, April 28, 2009

**INFO** About April's Craft...

I have *kinda* bad news. Due to circumstances beyond my control....I am unable to attend Craft Night this week. This poses a problem....since I am in charge! We will need to bump it to next Thursday. Please plan on Thursday, May 7th @ 6:30 P.M. I will have to see if the church will be available...if not, it will be at my house - but we will be doing it for sure on that date! I am SUPER sorry.

I have all sort of due dates & deadlines associated with my work as well as TWO weddings and a baby shower.....that will be fitting into the remainder of this week....and I finally realized that I can't be in more than one place at the same time. Yep, it has taken me this long to figure that out! Tee, hee.

Anyway - I know I will be home this Saturday for at least a few hours. If all of you could pretty please with a cherry on top....pick up your SPRING blocks between 12-2 on Saturday, May 2nd....I would love ya even more than I already do! I am just going to be in and out a TON the rest of this week and I would feel better if I knew you all had them in time. In case you forgot WHY you need them early....you will need to stain them at least TWO days prior to us all getting together!! Just use the regular stain that we always use....and they will look great! The earlier you stain them, the better!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The FrAmEs...

Thank you to those gals who emailed me yer pics! We now get to SHOWCASE the talents of our FABulous group! Here are the DiFfErEnT "spins" some of the gals did with their frames...

Beth M.- Before...

Beth M. - After (She added a thicker brown ribbon.)

Beth N.

Brandee - Before

Brandee - After








Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Craft for APRIL!!

The "SPRING" blocks are done!! Wahoo!!

The final price comes to $36.68.
After purchasing the blocks, paper, rhinestones, ribbon, flowers, modpodge, and spray paint.....AND changing the embellishments again & again...to get the cost lower....this is what I came up with! Sigh!! I hope you all like them! {WINK!}

The pink & green are a LOT brighter in person....some of the pink is HOT pink and the green is a soft lime green. The button on the "R" is not included...that button alone is around $1.50. (If you want to get one for your blocks - I bought it at JoAnn Fabric.) Also - the flowers will vary...but don't fret...they are all still cute!

The due date for all the "GREENS" to be turned in will be April 9th - which is next Thursday. I will be placing the order for the wood the following day....fer sure! We can't afford to delay on the wood....or they won't have it cut out in time! You can put the money in the top part of our Winder Farms cooler if I am not home.