Saturday, February 28, 2009

Craft For 'De Month of March!!

Presenting....the Scrapbooked Picture Frame!!
I will be teaching this for the month of March. Now - since I KNOW everyone has different color schemes in their homes....I have come up with a few "Ordering Options." I obviously made this craft to fit the color scheme of one of the rooms in MY house (dark red, black, and white)...and if it matches a room in yours....choose "Option #1." If not....browse thru the other ones and email me when you have chosen what works the best for you.

March 6th - Friday
There are deadlines for ordering the wood AND the papers/embellishments, etc. may run I can't accept orders after this date. Thank you for understanding and PLEASE email ASAP if you are interested.

OPTION #1: If you would like to do the entire project – AS IS – the total price is $23.00.
- - - - - -
OPTION #2: If you would just like me to order the frame for you and YOU would like to get your own embellishments, paint & paper – that will be $12.00.
- - - - - -
OPTION #3: If you would like me to order the frame AND get the paint and YOU would like to get your own embellishments and paper – that will be $13.50. The paint choices will be black, dark brown, white, and ivory.
- - - - - -
OPTION #4: If you would like me to order the frame, AND get the paint & embellishments – including ribbon and YOU would like to get your own paper – that will be $18.00.
- - - - - -
Addition “A”: If you would like to add a small vinyl saying to put on the frame - that will be an additional $2.00. You can choose from: Laughter, Memories, Love, Family, OR another short one-word saying (Just let me know what you would like it to be). You will also need to tell me what color you would like it to be – out of black, white, dark brown, ivory, white, and tan.

Addition “B”: If you would like a flower and a button for your embellishment (instead of the hearts) that will be an additional $1.50. The color choices are red, ivory, & black – for the flowers AND red, white, & black – for the buttons. (The $1.50 is just one button and one flower.)

(The frame is about 15 ''x15'' and the inside of the frame is about 9'' x 9'')

Our last Craft Night was another SUCCESS! Please make sure you thank Melissa....if you haven't already. The poor girly was sick and still pulled it all off! It's a LOT of work to coordinate a Craft Night....and she did a great job! Check back soon for pics AND some "spins" a few gals put on the craft...that night!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Pics From The February Craft Night....

Look at our CUTE crafters! I wasn't even able to get a shot of everyone....a few of the gals were in another room....spraying & glittering their letters. We were just hangin' in the Primary Room! Thus the loads of chairs stacked all around us! :)

Don't forget to SIGN up for the next craft by MARCH 6th!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Awwwwww....Just LOOK At These Craftin' Chicks!

There was some SeRiOuS Craftin' going on that night!!

FuN TiMeS!!
(We Missed Those of You Who Couldn't Make It!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

There Is Some "LOVE" Goin' On Up In HERE!!

We've got some pretty crafty gals in our l'il club! Just look at the "spin" some of the girlies put on these blocks! Let's play....guess who dreamed this up...!?!

"Rocker Chick"...seriously....this just OOZES "sassy!"
(My camera does not show the COOL detail of the black paint on the HOT pink....super cute!)

"Home-y"...this looks DAH-LING...OH...and the owner would like everyone to know that the "E" was not quite finished yet! How dare I take a pic.....really!! {{WINK!}}

Hmmmmm...."Passionate??" Would that be the word to describe this one?? A certain hubby remarked after seeing this project, "Honey, isn't Valentine's Day supposed to be light and happy??" Tee, hee....

What a FUN project! Thanks again, K-girl!