Sunday, December 28, 2008

Preparing for the "Get-Together"..

SOOOO....those of you who are meeting at my house on January 8th to finish the scrapbooked calendar - I have EDITED my previous post to include what you can do to prepare for our upcoming get-together. I actually already finished I can be of more help...and I get to chat it up more while you all work! Tee, hee! Check out below to see what you should do on your own so we will all be on the "same page" when you arrive. I believe we finished July....and we will be starting with August when you arrive. (Don't forget - we skipped May!) PLUS - then we can enjoy each other's company a little more rather than rushing to get 'er done! See ya soon! Email me if the directions confuse ya! Laters!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The FINAL Scrapbooked Calendar

I decided to post pics of all of the months...for a few reasons.

ONE: So those of you who have plenty of paper at home already....and aren't doing this with us, can use the designs and copy them to make your own. I know, I LOVE me, huh!

TWO: So those of you who ARE doing this craft can be assured of the "cuteness" factor...and be grateful that I am doing the shopping AND cutting for you!! Tee, hee!

AND THREE: So that when I am old and gray...and too exhausted to make crafts...I will have PROOF that once upon a time, I WAS able to produce darling items! {WINK!}


(Notice the CUTE embossed white paper!!)




-Glue the two white squares inside the two turquoise squares
-Cut out the three flower heads - two purple and one blue
(One of you may have two blue and one purple)
-Cut out three leaves
-Cut out anything that is traced...on some of your kits...I only traced one item...and you get to trace the other one or two...
-OPTIONAL - I drew a line inside everything with my pen. I took some up-close pics so you can see what I mean. If you would like to do this step - it would go a lot faster if you came with this already done. I added the "stitched lines" later - the ones that go onto the background paper. P.S. I have your stems...I forgot to stick them in your bags! So - bring a pen with you to draw the lines on those! :)

-Ruler - draw on the inches. I just "eyed" really doesn't have to be perfect.

-You could also glue the three yellow centers in the middle of the flowers.
-Don't worry about putting anything else together. Just cut everything out and draw your lines on everything...and we can go from there!



-On this one, you can draw the lines/dots on the sun early. The sun is supposed to look a little funky! Lisa's hubby (who helped cut them out) couldn't understand why anyone would want a sun that looks like this! Tee, hee! That's all you need to do on this one!

-September is inked! I used dark brown and I inked the apple, the leaf, ONE long side of the green polka-dotted pattern (and both of the short sides), all of the edges of the striped pattern, ONE long side of the diamond pattern as well as the two short sides, and then ink all of the edges of the tan background. If you are NOT inking...then kudos to you...cuz you are ready with this month! :) P.S. Feel free to "clean up" things that were previously cut Lisa & I mentioned...husbands AND school aides were helping....

-MORE inking! I used black on this month.
-You will need to ink the top & bottom of the orange "Halloween Words" strip, the plain oatmeal-colored & orange rectangles, the oddly-shaped striped paper, the the white "Pick of the Patch" paper & the smaller oatmeal-colored rectangle, AND the 6 weird orange shaped. Believe it or not, but they will become the darling pumpkins above! I would try to round out any sharp edges before you ink! I will show you how to put them together when you come over.
As for the words...
Unfortunately, I use chipboard to spell out my "Halloween" words. It's super expensive and would've tacked on another $5.00 to each calendar! (You have to buy the whole alphabet.) I recycled these letters from my previous calendar. I typed up the word "Halloween" for each of you and stuck it in your bags...and you can do this four ways...#1) you can either cut out each letter, #2) you can use your cutting board to cut the white paper around the word so "Halloween" is centered, #3) you can type up "Halloween" on your OWN computer and print it off in the font of your choice, or #4) you can purchase some chipboard letters to use. Personally, I would recommend #2!! Lisa finished hers early with me...and she just trimmed up the white paper and inked the edges and it was darling!

This month is prep work!

This month is also easy - no prep work!
See ya soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Supplies & Info for the December Craft

Alright ladies! Details: We will be meeting at Myrleen Wright's house at 6:30. I will email her address to you. (I feel better about that then posting it public-ly on this blog!) For the gals making the Calendar - my goal is to get through the first SIX months...and then we can all chat and see what you would like to do about the remaining six months. For the gals making the Christmas Picture Frame, you will definitely be finishing your project that night! I would like to be done (or stopping) by 9:30....I know, I know...we COULD go on all night!
{{Hello "Witch" blocks, again!!}}

Here are the materials you will need for the Scrapbooked Calendar:
(I left the prices on some of them...if you enlarge the photo, you may be able to see it better. Heartland carries all of these...but I am sure Roberts, Michael's, or even Hobby Lobby carries them!)

A glue stick AND scrapbooking rolling tape (I use the one above. I believe it's around $6.00...but it adheres REALLY well!) You will need your gluestick to be SUPER permanent! I ran outta the above tape...and used a school gluestick on the last few pages of the Sample Calendar and it wouldn't hold I had to go back over it with the E-Z Runner. If you get the one above - MAKE sure the case is pink or red...that works the best for what we are doing!

Pop Dots...I have used BOTH the one above AND the one below!
THIS one is my favorite kind!

Distressing Ink..there are several kinds you can use...the ones I use above are around a buck! You will need both a dark brown and a black!

You MAY possibly need a cutting board...but if you don't have one, don't worry about it. I have extras!


A Stapler (with staples in it!!)

Black pen with an ULTRA sharp/pointy tip…if you are worried about messing up…bring a sharp pencil as well!

The materials you will need for the Christmas Scrapbooked Frame:

8x10 frame
foam brush
whipped cream lid
You MAY need red distressing ink (email Natalie)
pop dots AND adhesive tape (see pic above)
trimmer (see pic above)
pencil or pen