Monday, January 19, 2009

Our February Craft...

Look what's NEXT!!
I absolutely fell in love with these "Luck" blocks when I first saw them! Yes, it involves stain, paint, & glitter....BUT it is 10 times easier than our "Witch" blocks! Less letters and you don't have to carefully put a witch together!
Melissa will be teaching this craft in February...the sample will be on display on January 29th (YEP - we had to bump it TWO days back...because YM/YW have switched to Tuesdays!)- our next which time you can sign up and pay the girls if you are wanting to do the "Luck" blocks.
The exact price, due date, etc. will be posted shortly...I will send out an email when it's up...just enjoy the picture for now and it's OK if you drool a little! I know, that are that cute, HUH!!
P.S. I know we have been doing a lot of "blocks" lately...but don't fret...MARCH has nothing to do with blocks! I DID have to throw in the "Spring" blocks...for one of the months...but I am sure you won't protest...they are adorable!

Here are the details for the UPCOMING February Craft Night...

The AMAZING "L-U-C-K" blocks will be $20. (Oh, wait...are we talking it up TOO much?? Well, Melissa did do a GREAT job and they are PRET-TY fabulous!!)

The DEADLINE...and's a REAL Monday, February 16th. She will be ordering the blocks the next day. Please drop the money off to her CASA before then...I would also shoot her an email OR call her to let her know you are interested. If you need that me.

We will be meeting at 'de church on Thursday, February 26 from 6:00-9:00. Please arrive ON TIME, since this project takes a little longer AND the men in 'de ward wanna play b-ball.

Materials to Bring:
-Electric Sander
-Brushes (there will be 5 different colors) NOTE: If you have any smaller paint brushes, it may make it easier to get into all the curls on the letters.
-Cool Whip lid/Paper plate, etc. (to put the paint on)
-Wood Stain (Early American)
-Wood Glue

A BIG thanks to Karen for all of her hard work on the last Get-Together! Hopefully, you ALL thanked her!! We "HEART" you, girly!

See you all THEN!

Monday, January 5, 2009

January's Craft..

Presenting....the CrAfTs for the upcoming month of LOVE:

The "LOVE" blocks are $10.00.


The "Heart Trio" will be $18.00.

Karen McBride did a fabulous job in creating the samples above and will be heading up these projects.

Please drop off your money to Karen by Monday, January 19th.
(If you need to know her email OR can contact me & I'll get the info to ya - I prefer not to post those on our public blog.)

For both projects everyone will need to bring the following:
Scissors to cut paper & trim ribbon
Paint Brushes
“Cool Whip” lid or something to put your paint on
Pencil to trace
Wood Glue
Extra Sandpaper

We will be meeting at the church on Thursday, January 29th from 7:00-9:30.

Please see the sidebar for Treats, Set-Up, & Clean-Up assignments.

(Those girlies setting up will need to arrive at around 6:30.)

See you there!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Good 'Ole Rules...

What the?? She moves!?!? How funny! I found this little lady while googling "Strict Teachers"...I wanted to get my point across...I hope she does the trick! {WINK!}

I knew that starting this club would be a LOT of work...and that after the first few months (or year...) I would be able to get a sense of what works, what to change, etc. We have SUCH a wonderful group...that we haven't really stumbled across a lot of problems...but a few have come up that we need to address before our next get-together.

#1 - (Cleanliness A) I believe we ARE taking more pride in keeping the church clean! I just want to remind all of you that if we have just ONE slip-up...we are officially kicked out! We have already been warned once...when we left a mess in the bathrooms. The instructors are in charge of making sure the gym and BOTH bathrooms are spotless. I don't want our lil 'ole club to be pretty please with a cherry on top....let's keep 'er clean!

#2 - (Cleanliness B) Before you HAVE to clean up your own area! This means wiping up the place you were sitting, throwing away any trash you have, making sure there is NOT a mess on the ground around you, etc. One of our first times there, I was appalled to see that there was PAINT on the gym carpet! Luckily, we were able to get it out! Please remember that this is the Lord's house and we need to treat it with respect. I would be SO sad to glance down during Sacrament Meeting (Sigh...we rarely get a "cushy" seat on the you better believe Jamie & I will be in the gym...) and see PAINT or SAWDUST on the floor...or on my chair! GASP! Also - since we are all adults....we should practice what we preach to the chilluns - "Clean up yer own mess!" :) This also makes it easier on the ladies who signed up for Clean-Up duty! Remember: What comes around, goes around! You will be grateful when it's YOUR turn to clean up!

#3 - (Cleanliness C) We had a problem with SAWDUST when we did the Christmas Ladders! It was everywhere! It took FIVE of us, wiping chairs down, to get the job done! Some of us weren't even ON Clean-Up duty! When we use sanders in the future...please watch what you are doing and try to stay away from the walls and chairs. It's a LOT easier to vacumn sawdust up than to wipe down a million chairs. Plus - how many of you would like to sit on sawdust in your lovely Sunday dress?? Any takers?? Me, either! :)

How am I doing on my Soapbox? I am just gettin' started. Tee, hee! You should hear me when I am talking to my naughty students! Don't worry...they know they are loved...and they get a hug, a smile, and kind words after they have repented.... :)

#4 - (Cleanliness D) When we did the Christmas Ladders, there were a TON of ladies who were brand new. That is WONDERFUL! There is one teeny, tiny problem with "newbies"...they may not know the rules. I am ALL for making new friends and having new people join our long as they know how hard we are all working to keep this club rolling. If you are bringing someone new, or have invited a is up to YOU to make sure they either read this particular post OR are fully informed of our spectacular RULES before attending. You will see more reasoning behind that in the next part....

#5 - (Sanders) We will all need to bring our OWN sanders from now on...or be prepared to sand by hand. More than one sander was ruined the night we did the ladders. (Boy, did we learn a LOT of lessons that night or what??) Some of these sanders were brand-new! I am all for sharing...but after 5 months of sharing my sander...not only have I burned thru quite a few of my velcro sanding paper...but the edges of my own sander are pretty beat I can completely see where a few of the gals are coming from when they told me about their sanders! Now, if you still want to share with a friend...that's fine, but sanders will no longer be provided by the instructors. If Santa forgot to bring you one for Christmas...don't worry....there is always Valentine's Day! Tee, hee! I can just picture it now.

"Honey, do you know what would be SOOOO romantic for you to get for me for Valentine's Day?

"Hmmm? What's that dear?"

"I would just LOVE it if you suprised me with a fabulous SANDER!" {Squeal with delight!}

"Uh...Ok?!?" (Thinking..."MAN - my wife is COOL!)

Ok, maybe that's not how it would play out...but anything is possible...

#6 - (Time Limit) We will have to have a "closing" time specified by the Instructor of the month. I would suggest either 9:30 or 10:00 to those of you who are teaching in the future. It will all depend on the craft, of course. This coming month...and some other months in the future...there will be more than one craft offered. Please realize that you may not complete ALL of the crafts while with the group. Try not to take on too much and then if you do sign up for more than one prepared to take home any unfinished projects you may have....when the magic "Cinderella" time strikes (or in other words, clean-up time..). We have decided this rule needs to be put into place to avoid further frustration on the part of the Clean-Up Crew. I am hoping that if the Instructors specify their clean-up time in advance...that the rest of you will keep an eye on the clock and immediately clean up your area when that time strikes!

#7 (Sign-Ups) I am probably starting to sound like a broken record...but I will just say it one more time. We ALL need to be signed up to help out in some way! Who wouldn't like to just show up, make a craft, and go home?? BUT - this is a club, not a class...which means everyone helps out. I have the sign-ups on the right-hand side of this blog. You can refer there to see what you have signed up a reminder...and what you can sign-up for in the future. If you have NOT signed up for anything...let me know what you would like to do ASAP....or I get to decide for ya! Tee, hee! Also - if you are new...and everything is full....we ALWAYS need more people on "Clean-Up" duty...just let me know what days work for you and I will add you on!

#8 (Have fun!) I know, I know....WHAT?? Yes, this is a rule! I just want to remind you all that this is supposed to be F-U-N!! I don't know about YOU ladies....but my hubby encourages me to have "nights out with my girls." He is all about letting me be girly when I need it. I do the same for him. In fact...right now, he is downstairs watching the UTAH game with a bunch of his buddies....yelling their precious heads off! Guys need to be guys and girls need to be girls. I realize that children come...and so do the responsibilities...BUT...I have plenty of friends with young ones....even babies....who allow themselves a day or two during the month to pretend that they don't have a care in the world....and come laugh their darling little heads off during our "Girl's Nights." They have simply discussed the events in advance with their husbands. The husbands put it into their schedules...and my g-friends are able to enjoy a night on the town without worrying about bedtime, bottles (pumping in advance), crying, baths, etc. Plus, I believe that this makes the husbands appreciate their wives just a little more! You all deserve a little "me" time!

SOOOOOO....please come to make a fun craft, enjoy chatting with other ladies, and eat some yummy food! The outline for the year is on our it will be more convenient to plan ahead for our upcoming get-togethers.

Any questions....just shoot me an email, leave a comment, or call me on the TEL-E-PHONE. See you girlies soon! Laters!